Joining Forces

There is big news today!


We all know that Landpeople and Seapeople are a very different species.

Now what if people only seem to be Landpeople?

Many centuries ago the people from Nazaré and surrounding villages were building the Portuguese Galleons which later discovered the world. Right here, in the Lagoa da Pederneira, a Lagoon which has silted up something like 100 years ago. They planted forests for wood to build the ships. These forests are today the “Lung of Europe”.

They sailed on big Schooners, Briggs and Squareriggers to Greenland and many other places in the world for fishing cod and other species. To the present day they go out fishing, keeping a lot of tradition alive and some very special and lovely fishingboats. Many work on Cruiseships and Ferries all over the world. In our voyages under sail it happened frequently that we met people from Nazaré working on ships somewhere. It was lovely!

And guess what?

We are delighted to tell you that the people of Nazaré would like to participate and help us to make this Festival a very special Event for all of us: Landpeople and Seapeople.

Did I mention it before that this is a very special place?

We’ll keep you updated, for now …

fair winds & sunny greetings!


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