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Our Nazare Boatfestival 2016

Most important of course: it should be good fun for all of us! And: it’s gonna be more like a personal-experience-Festival than a commercial event.

There’s many ideas we’ve got in mind, but we’ve also got to keep a bit of a surprise-element for you.

One of our favorites is a little boatbuilding-competiton where each team of 4 gets some plywood and bits and has 8 hours to compose some sort of a floating object, which will be launched Sunday around midday to be sailed around a little parcours inside the port. There will be prizes for the ones that didn’t sink, and, of course, a prize for the one who arrives first. Actually, you could already start thinking about a simple design!

We’re also planning a lSouth-Beachittle regatta, not too far from the bay. Markku from Finland is gonna take this in his able hands.

We’ve still got to sort out catering, but one evening should be reserved for a little barbeque on the beach for sunset – sunsets here are awesome! With this one everybody has to participate in preparing something delicous, something like “potluck”!


Phenicular Nazare

And oneSurf Nazare thing is for sure: visiting Nazare, O’Sitio, the Lighthouse and the North-Beach is a must!!! It’s here where the most fearless Surfers from all over the world are surfing the biggest surfable waves on this planet. Modern techniques help, but the danger is always with them. Now, don’t get scared please! The CanySurf Nazareon of Nazare makes these waves happen on the North Beach, but the Canyon of Nazare is also responsible for the port-entrance always to be safe, no matter what the conditions are out there on the ocean. As a fact, since it got finished in 1983 this port has only been closed once.

But it’s not only about that! Did you know that all the Portuguese Galleons who later discovered the world were built here? More about this later.

Oh, and another thing: simplicity. We need to tell you that it’s very important for us as sailors to keep things simple. Out there on the ocean, in a bad storm with breaking waves you can’t have complications. And it’s always the same: things break or go wrong exactly when you absolutely can’t have it. KISS = K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(tupid). We try to keep this website as simple as possible, and we’ll try to keep the boatfestival simple and uncomplicated.

Fair winds!

PS: there’s many awesome videos, just for a taste have a look here:


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