Children of the Ocean

I would like to dedicate this space “Children of the Ocean” to all those of us who – on purpose or by accident – are spending part of our lives out there on the Oceans of this planet. Especially those who haven’t grown up too much to loose their natural joy of life, or those, who have found it back because the Ocean and the limitless skies gave them the opportunity.

Some readers might not be aware that life doesn’t only happen on Land. Children are regularly born on Ships somewhere on the high seas and there are many Children growing up on Boats of all kinds and sizes, be it because their Parents chose a different lifestyle, or because this is where they earn their daily bread.

There is also those, where things in life went a bit different and who developed into wonderful people. Like the twins I met, now Fishermen in their mid 50’s, who were sleeping under upturned boats when they were 5, hoping for scraps of food others left behind simply because Mum had walked away and Dad was out at sea working. Or like a mate of mine who was the cook of a Fishingboat and has retired in the meantime. He was sent out to sea to work when he was 7 and never learned to read or write, so he would dictate his shopping-lists to those who can.

Especially from Indonesia we know that whole communities are living on floating Islands.

Then there are those who set off in Sailing- or Motorboats. Some of them stay loosely together in communities while travelling from destination to destination, while others go their own way to explore and discover. Some only have a limited time for their adventures available, while others decide underway to keep on sailing or never planned to go back to live on land from the beginning.

Life on the Ocean has a very different rhythm than life on land. One is more in Harmony with Mother Nature, more aware of changes in the weather and changes in the behavior of our ships. There are times when it can be very tough on us, where we don’t get enough sleep, where we are cold, hungry and completely worn out. And there are those who don’t come back.

But it still doesn’t really end here. Whomever we are talking or thinking about, we all have one thing in common, some kind of floating object we call home: Ships. Not always things out there or when approaching land go as planned or wished for, and our ships are not always ready to take it on. To a certain degree we need to find out how they work and how to repair and maintain them, how to stay independent from land especially when land is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. And honestly, amazing things are possible!

I’ve got no idea if I will manage to fill all of this with life for you (my possible readers) to enjoy, but I will try. It’s not gonna happen from one minute to the next, and it’s only good as long as it’s fun to do it! And of course I would be very happy for others to join in and tell of some of their very special moments out at sea.

Fair winds and sunny greetings to all of you!