No matter how many years lie behind us since the day we were born, every single one of us who gets involved with the Ocean, knows that learning never stops.

The sea is different every single day, as are all the other elements. Our boats have their moods as we have too. Every new shore we arrive at has it’s own challenge, and I’m not even talking of what happens when we set foot on land again.

Still, we do love it out there and we keep going back, even after the worst disasters. There is something inside us that’s getting stronger and stronger till we can’t resist any more.

I’ve got no idea why, and I actually don’t want to know because it might destroy the magic of trillions of beautiful, tough or very special moments of my life. Like the sunrise promising relief after 2 extremely hard days and nights at the helm without sleep or food fighting for survival, or like the 96 year-old Indonesian Fisherman I was sailing with in his outrigger-canoe with lateen-sails on the North-Coast of Lombok/Indonesia in the 80’s who got tears of joy in his wrinkled black eyes when the dolphins came to play in our bow-wave, and I happily joined in.

You know, as children we are allowed to laugh and to cry, to be happy or scared. And we are allowed to enjoy from all our hearts! I am not going to grow up, all this is worth far too much for me!


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